About Us

We; each experts in their field, architects, civil engineers, advertisers, lawyers, sales representatives, consultants, data processing officers and consisting of programmers, successful, experienced, motivated, and work discipline is high, Turkey's best selling film crew. In Istanbul, especially in the Beylikdüzü - Esenyurt region, we met with tens of thousands of customers and analyzed their expectations well, we developed projects that fit these expectations and sold thousands of residences.

By providing fast sales and high returns, we brought them to both our customers and contractors. We reported our sales success with the special software we developed, and we made it that you can even control it from your mobile phone. We slightly changed the concept of sales depending on time and place, we established online sales systems and provided the opportunity to sell abroad. We are constantly playing and we will continue to work in order to provide you the best service ...

Our Mission

We know the value of every penny spent both for the customer and the contractor, we produce the right projects that will earn the most for both the investor and the contractor, we price them correctly, we sell them with the right campaigns and we welcome our customers in the best way until delivery.

Our Vision

With its extensive knowledge, experience and customer network by developing the sales and marketing organization using the continuous, 2020. Turkey's large, becoming Europe's leading real estate development and marketing company.